Dogs and National Parks

Great Dane

Selar travelled to 26 National Parks and monuments with us.  The degree of dog friendliness varies with each park.  Some are not at all, some allow them in the camping areas only and other allow them almost everywhere as long as they are leashed.  Information on pets is available at each park website but it can be buried below multiple links and in different places on each page.  I have started to compile this information for each park and will continue to post it here on my blog to make it easier for others traveling with their dogs.  I figure I’ll start with the ones Selar visited, listed below, then move on to any new ones that we have traveled to with Varel and K’Ehleyr.

Arches National Park Fossil Butte National Monument
Big Bend National Park Glacier National Park
Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park Grand Teton National Park
Bryce Canyon National Park Great Basin National Park
Canyonlands National Park Great Sand Dunes National Monument
Capitol Reef National Park Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Carlsbad Caverns National Park Lassen Volcano National Park
Cedar Breaks National Monument Pipe Spring National Monument
Colorado National Monument Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument
Craters of the Moon National Monument Tuzigoot National Monument
Death Valley National Park Whitesands National Monument
Devil’s Tower National Monument Yellowstone National Park
Dinosaur National Monument Yosemite National Park

Arches NP is one of the parks with limited dog services.  Dogs can be in the campground and any of the paved pullouts, overlooks, roads and parking lots.  They are not allowed on any trails and the weather can be too hazardous for staying in a car.

Nearby Canyonlands NP has similar restrictions in addition to not being allowed to accompany groups traveling by 4WD, bike or boat.  The one excepted dirt road is the Potash/Shafer Canyon road between Moab and Island in the Sky (map).  Consequently, Selar saw most of the parks from the car.

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Wandering photographer and balloon pilot with a Great Dane and a trailer. Trying to create happier and healthier lives for Great Danes and their humans. Happy dog, happy life!
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