White Sands National Monument

Selar at White sands National Monument

Alyssa and Selar

We have another 4 paw park!  To quote the NPS website, “Visitors are more than welcome to bring their pets out to White Sands National Monument.”  Standard rules do apply, they must be leashed, are not allowed in buildings and you have to clean up after them but other than that they can go anywhere with you.

We took Selar there while visiting family at Christmas time, there were very few other people and most of them were hiding from the snow storm in the visitors center.  We on the other hand, went out to explore as a light dusting of snow-covered the white sand.  We were planning on sledding on the dunes so what would adding some snow hurt?

White sands is the largest gypsum dune field in the world and some of the more dynamic dunes can move up to 30’ per year.  The only camping available is a 1 mile hike in and there are no trails, you are free to wander the dunes as you like as long as you respect the local vegetation and animals.  The park is located in southern New Mexico and is surrounded by the White Sands Missile Range.  Be sure to check with the park before heading out since Highway 70 and the park road are occasionally closed during missile tests.

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Wandering photographer and balloon pilot with a Great Dane and a trailer. Trying to create happier and healthier lives for Great Danes and their humans. Happy dog, happy life!
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