ROK strap review

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large ROK strap

Summer is coming up and so is the time when Bark “Cheese!” hits the road with our 2 Great Danes, Varel and K’Ehleyr.  Traveling with dogs can require a few extra items including food, pet first aid items, beds, blankets, and some more exotic things like booties and dog packs.  One of the new items I bought was a ROK strap to replace Varel’s leash after K’Ehleyr chewed through it in 3 places.  The key feature of this leash is it stretches!  No more jolts as your dog decides to jump after something.  Of course the best solution is training your dog to not pull but with some dogs a rabbit is just too much to pass up without at least one attempt at it and a 100lb. Dane can give a good pull.

The leash works great at what it is designed to do, a controlled stretch.  A few complaints are that it only comes in 54 inch lengths which is a bit short when you have a dog as big as a Dane and don’t want to step on her heels when walking on a single wide trail and that the handle is also a little hard to hold since it is not flexible and rather thick, I struggle to find a comfortable grip on it.

They come in 3 different thicknesses to match your dog’s weight and a large variety of colors and patterns.  You can buy them on their website,, or at various pet boutiques.  If you have a dog that pulls you might want to check it out and save your shoulders some wear and tear.

Disclaimer – This review is simply my experience with the leash on one of my Danes. I have no affiliation with the makers of this leash.

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Wandering photographer and balloon pilot with a Great Dane and a trailer. Trying to create happier and healthier lives for Great Danes and their humans. Happy dog, happy life!
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